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Shou Sugi Ban Japanese Technique for Charred Wood: A Designer Cladding, Decking, Furniture and Fencing Choice

It’s hot at the moment — Shou-Sugi-Ban® is a technique for treating timber with fire, leaving it with a charred surface. Seems a bit extreme? Well, it’s actually a traditional Japanese method that has made a modern comeback.

Cedar or Larch Fencing? Plus Design Ideas & Inspiration!

If you’re looking to create that ideal enclosed space or define your property, these two often come top of the list. Their physical, technical and aesthetic attributes lend themselves perfectly to the job.

Western Red Cedar: The Best Finishes, Treatments and Stains and How to Maintain It

A classic timber choice. If you're after a gorgeous, natural finish to your interior or garden project, you can’t go far wrong with Western Red Cedar. Fashionable, durable and versatile, this species of timber is suitable for decking, fencing, cladding and more.

Timber Fencing — Best Fencing Species, 2019 Trends, Types, Costs, Installation & Care Tips

Everything we think you’ll need to know about timber fencing for your next project. We discuss the best species, the current trends, how to install your panels and posts, as well as some top-tips for keeping it in tip-top condition!