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Our website gets a makeover!

Having grown considerably as a business over the past 60 years, we felt it was time to give ourselves a little bit of TLC and revamp our existing website ready for launch in 2017 - a perfect birthday treat!

As a third generation family timber importer, we offer a wide range of timber products for a variety of clients. We’re also a machining specialist and have expert knowledge about the timber trade, so having a website that reflects our vast expertise is incredibly important. Having just launched our Joinery & Woodworking Centre (have we mentioned it’s the largest in the UK?), the new website gave us the opportunity to really show our existing and potential customers what we can do.

We already had a product-focused website with various sections, though pages had been added to it over a period of time, which meant the old website was quite difficult to navigate. As so many areas of our expertise were hidden amongst hard-to-find web pages, our old website didn’t fully focus on showcasing our services and knowledge.

We needed a new website that focused on the great and varied services we offer here at Duffield Timber, whilst allowing customers searching for product information to do so with ease. We also wanted to update the look and feel of the site and bring in more imagery of the quality products we offer.

Using the existing backend of our website, we were able to retain the sizeable product catalogue already listed on the website. However, the new website has been completely reworked so the navigation and page layouts are different and much easier for customers to find the information they’re looking for. We’re delighted that our services are now in the spotlight, with more information about our products now accompanied by neat image galleries.

Whilst we’ve still got our substantial product catalogue available to view on the website, it’s now much easier to find the images and product information you’re looking for.

We also wanted to shout about our brand new Joinery & Woodworking Centre. The dedicated website page features a full case study about how the Centre came to be, plus a photo gallery so visitors of our website can get a taste of what’s to come when they pop by our Centre.

We’re exceptionally proud of the hard work and dedication put into creating the UK’s largest Joinery & Woodworking Centre, and we’re delighted that our customers can now share our enthusiasm and passion for timber by visiting our website and getting to know our business.

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