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Timber Species:
Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is the premier softwood when it comes to decking. With durability, stability and density in abundance, it provides exceptional weatherproof and practical performance.

Its versatile pale yellow-browns and stunning grain pattern ooze natural beauty. Over time, these colours will weather to a stunning silvery-grey, but this process can be arrested with a quality woodcare finish.

Commonly recognised as unsorted and sawfalling, we describe our stock as A grade and B grade for ease.

Grade A allows for occasional small knots (up to 5p size), but many of the boards can be clear of defects for a more uniform look. Grade B Grade allows for frequent knots and some larger knots up to the size of a 50p, for a slightly more characterful, rustic look.

Our Siberian Larch Decking Products