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For a beautiful bespoke engineered floor, look no further

Commissioned by architects, interior designers and domestic customers with a knowing eye a Reeve Wood floor oozes luxury and class

A British manufacturer producing standard and bespoke ranges of engineered Oak, Douglas Fir, Walnut and Ash flooring Reeve Wood tops the market when it comes to quality

Dining area with oak engineered flooring

Choose your flooring

  1. Choose Grade

    Wood is a natural material that varies tremendously in colour, texture and appearance — even within one species. We use a grading system to separate the types of timber into different groupings based on their quality. Here’s the system we use.

    Choose Grade
  2. Choose Thickness

    Traditionally with an engineered floor board there are two thicknesses available. 20mm is a standard flooring size which tend to have a 6mm wear layer (the piece of oak) on top and 14mm which offers a more economical option.

    Choose Thickness
  3. Choose Width

    This specialty boarding focuses on wide widths, 190mm – 270mm and long lengths 1.850m up to 4000m.

    Choose Width
  4. Choose Species

    Choose what timber you are looking for.. the most popular tends to be Oak but we also can offer Ash, Walnut and Douglas Fir.

    Wood Species
  5. Choose Colour

    The range of finishes and stains give combinations running into the hundreds! With cool greys to hot pink, aged and distressed, rugged bandsawn or brushed there is no doubt you will find the perfect floor.

    Colours and finishes
  6. Enquire

Enquire about Engineered Flooring