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Buyer’s Guides

Any commercial or home improvement project needs careful planning and consideration — you’re bound to have plenty of questions and queries. Our team of timber experts are here to help.

From decking to cladding, from fencing to oak structures, we’ve pulled together our insights into a series of buyers’ guides to help you with planning, designing and costing your next project.

Your Guide to Siberian Larch: Facts, Properties, Durability & Uses

Need a wood that stands up to the elements? Say no more, we've got the answer...

Shiplap vs. V-Groove: Which Tongue & Groove Profile Is Best?

Embarking on a cladding project? You’ll need to make some important choices, such as the timber species you want to use, but also the profile you need.

Your Guide to Pale Woods: Types, Uses & Interior Design Tips

They say blondes have more fun — and creamy-coloured timber is attracting a growing number of fans. It’s not hard to see why.

Cedar vs. Larch Cladding — Which Should I Choose?

When it comes to cladding for home improvement or commercial projects, cedar and larch are two timber big boys. With durability, versatility and eye-catching beauty in abundance, it should come as no surprise why.

Oak & Pine Compared: Differences, Uses & Benefits

When it comes to the home, oak and pine are two of the most popular and commonly-used types of timber.

Your Guide to Exotic African Hardwoods: Types, Species, Uses and Benefits

Learn about some of the world’s most beautiful tropical African hardwoods, why they’re so good, and what they can be used for.

6 Decking Ideas, Trends & Styles for Architects, Designers and Self Builders in 2020

A variety of 6 traditional and contempory ideas to liven up your new decking project or to bring dated decking back to life!

What is the difference between timber, lumber and wood?

We often see and hear people asking about the precise differences between timber, lumber and wood. There are regional variations in usage of the terms, so it’s sometimes a source of contention. Let’s try and break it down for you!

Cedar or Larch Fencing? Plus Design Ideas & Inspiration!

If you’re looking to create that ideal enclosed space or define your property, these two often come top of the list. Their physical, technical and aesthetic attributes lend themselves perfectly to the job.

Biomass Wood Pellets FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

As the largest stockist of wood pellets in the North East, here’s our go-to guide - almost everything you’ll need to know about wood pellets to prepare for the winter, and where to get them!