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6 Decking Ideas, Trends & Styles for Architects, Designers and Self Builders in 2020

A variety of 6 traditional and contempory ideas to liven up your new decking project or to bring dated decking back to life!

When it comes to home style, don’t be left in the last deck-ade.

We all know how much value some top-notch decking can add to a property and to your enjoyment of your home; it’s a place for relaxation as much as it is for celebration.

2020 heralds the beginning of a new decade and year for home improvement. Contemplating that garden renovation, or seeking some architecturally-led decking inspiration?

For all you designers, home improvers and self-builders looking for garden decking designs, here are some ideas you don’t want to overlook…

Garden and Patio Decking Ideas, Trends, Styles, Photos and Designs for 2020

1. Go natural

Some foliage — a simple, but classic way of adding flair to a deck. It’s also a smart touch to help your decking blend into natural surroundings, especially if it’s on the smaller side. 2020 is about intrigue, so you could incorporate some interesting exotic plants into your decking project.

Also, did you know that ‘green’ spaces like this can make us feel more relaxed? The natural aesthetic of timber coupled with the plants can induce feelings of relaxation, reducing blood pressure and stress; it’s down to our innate attraction to natural things. Designers tap into connection by using biophilic design — the incorporation of natural elements into living spaces.

This kind of evidence-led design is increasingly popular; make sure to steal a march with this natural trend!

Outside decking area

2. Exotic timber species

If budget is less of a barrier to your decking project, why not opt for some luxury? Choose from one of a number of tropical timber species — such as Iroko — to create a top-tier, luxury deck.

Regarded as the Rolls-Royce of decking, Iroko steps up to the mark in every possible way — as well as fantastic physical and technical properties, it boasts a gorgeous golden-to-dark-brown colour. A slow-growing tree from western Africa, this species bears close resemblance to teak.

Why not also opt for something exotic from Southeast Asia for your decking? Balau is a tasteful choice. Imported from Burma, Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia and Borneo, the warm, golden brown and reddish tones make it a firm favourite for designer decking projects.

Outside decking area with furniture

3. Bring the inside out

We may think of decking as something to be enjoyed strictly during dry weather, but there are ways to maximise the usefulness of your deck and make it something to be enjoyed in all conditions — we all know just how unpredictable the UK weather can be!

We expect to see pergolas soaring in popularity; they help to create a unique ‘outside in’ feel. Whether it’s providing shade from the sun or unsavoury weather, pergolas can add versatility to decking projects.

Some architecturally-led projects are even taking decking to the next level — quite literally! Therefore, one way to create a trendy decking project is by using split-level decking. This clever use of space that actually creates two living spaces in one; a beautiful deck above, with a covered area which can become an outdoors room.

Outside decking area under pergola with furniture
Covered terrace area with decking

4. Built-in deck lighting

Perfect for those relaxing summer evenings. The use of lighting is a simple way of adding value and style to a decking project — an eye catching, impactful way to decorate.

If you want to get creative, try a twist on this by adding lighting underneath the boards. This works particularly well for decks of limited size.

Outside decking area with built in lighting

5. Perimeters and railing

A timeless feature for any decking project, expect the popularity of picture framing to endure well into the new decade.

Incorporating a perimeter provides an eye catching, tasteful finish that frames your decking space neatly; it’s ideal for drawing attention to an area of interest, such as a firepit or communal area. There’s even the obvious safety aspect — picture framing highlights the edge of the deck.

Where an unobstructed view and a bit more structure is important, cable railings are an increasingly-popular, in vogue solution. This works well for raised decks.

Outside decking area
Outside terrace with decking and stairs

6. Creative configurations

Add a bit of designer flair and create a deck that really stands out — out are traditional patterns, in are innovative, unusual designs. This is your chance to exercise some artistic license and create a unique, one-of-a-kind deck that’s bursting with expression.

Exterior decking area with stairs

If a designer deck is your thing, these trends might’ve hopefully provided some inspiration — make sure to check out our decking guide, too!

What sort of trends are you looking to incorporate into your decking projects for the new decade?

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