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It sounds obvious to say, but flooring is a fundamental part of any built environment. Historically, wood has been one of the most popular materials for creating a floor.

But will you choose a solid hardwood or engineered floor? What species and style would suit your space? Discover our timber top tips for a fabulous floor.

European Oak & American White Oak: How They Differ

They share part of their name, but how do these two beautiful, time-honoured timbers actually compare? Our team of experts are breaking down the differences between European and American white oak.

Water & Rot Resistant Timber Species: The Best Types to Choose & Finishes to Apply

Don’t let a little moisture dissuade you from timber. Wood can provide a beautiful, natural touch, even in places where water might be encountered.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Flooring — Which Is Best For You?

Researching your next flooring project? You’ll probably have heard of two very popular flooring choices — solid hardwood flooring (also known as solid wood flooring) and engineered flooring.