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Siberian Larch

We work with DIYers, contractors, architects and specifiers on Siberian Larch decking projects of all sizes. We machine our decking boards on-site to a number of designer profiles.

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Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is a premier decking timber. Despite its status as a softwood, it is denser than many hardwoods, offering exceptional levels of durability, stability and scratch resistance.

As well as excellent outdoor performance, Siberian Larch delivers natural beauty with a versatile pale yellow-brown colour and stunning grain pattern. Over time, these colours will weather to a stunning silvery-grey. If undesired, this process can be prevented with the application of a quality woodcare finish like Owatrol Aquadecks.

Commonly recognised as unsorted and sawfalling, we describe our stock as A grade and B grade for ease:

  • Grade A, unsorted, allows for occasional small knots (up to 5p size), but many of the boards can be clear of defects for a more uniform look.
  • Grade B, sawfalling, allows for frequent knots and some larger knots up to the size of a 50p, for a slightly more characterful, rustic look.
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