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We offer a range of premium quality, sustainable and long-burning biomass wood fuels in bulk sizes. Perfect for burners, firepits, stoves and biomass heating systems.

Made here in Yorkshire our convenient, high-performance wood briquettes Duffield Roasties, are available in pallets of 98 packs. We also offer wood pellets, certified to the highest possible grade in pallets or 15kg bags.

Biomass wood fuels are the perfect modern alternative to fossil fuels and even traditional firewood; a clean, eco-friendly, long-burning energy source for stoves, fireplaces and other heating systems.

Made from dried and compressed biomass, all of our wood fuel products are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in bulk 'Pallet' sizes, allowing us to offer a premium product at the most competitive price.

Wood Briquettes

Made in Yorkshire, 'Ready to Burn' certified and with less than 12% moisture content for a hot, long-lasting, clean, convenient and cost-effective solution.

Shop Wood Briquettes
Wood briquettes

Wood Pellets

Premium grade, ENplus A1-certified biomass pellets for superior energy content and optimal burning efficiency with minimal waste.

Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets