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6 Decking Ideas, Trends & Styles for Architects, Designers and Self Builders in 2020

A variety of 6 traditional and contempory ideas to liven up your new decking project or to bring dated decking back to life!

Shou Sugi Ban Japanese Technique for Charred Wood: A Designer Cladding, Decking, Furniture and Fencing Choice

It’s hot at the moment — Shou-Sugi-Ban® is a technique for treating timber with fire, leaving it with a charred surface. Seems a bit extreme? Well, it’s actually a traditional Japanese method that has made a modern comeback.

Best Types of Timber for Decking: Decking Guide, 2019 Trend Species & Tips

We’ll talk through the best timber species, tips for installing timber decking, how to protect and maintain it, and a few other helpful hints and tips. Learn everything there is to know about decking, right this way!

We’re a Decking Hero Top Recommended Timber Merchant!

We’re listed as a top timber merchant on Decking Hero’s list of timber merchants in the Yorkshire area.

Get Decked Out For Summer

If you are interested in building a new deck extension to your home, we would recommend timber decking. The wonderful thing about timber is that (as long as looking great) it can increase the value of your home.