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How Much Does Wood Decking Cost? A Project Price Breakdown

How Much Does Wood Decking Cost? A Project Price Breakdown

A timber deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment and functionality of your outdoor space, but unexpected costs when project planning can stop the party before it’s even started.

Unsurprisingly, the area covered by your timber deck will be the biggest factor when it comes to cost, but the type of wood chosen and whether you’ll require installation will also impact your project price.

Including all raw materials and installation costs, expect to pay around £120 per m² for a premium hardwood deck. A mid-range quality softwood deck will cost in the region of £80 per m², whilst a lower-end tanalised softwood deck will cost in the region of £60 per m². For a composite deck, costs are around £100 per m².

However, as mentioned, these are ballpark figures — there are many variables that can affect your project price. For a quick quote for your project, get in touch — or take a look below for more details.

Ipe Tropical Hardwood Decking

Timber decking costs in the UK: a full breakdown

Choosing a species

When it comes to choosing a timber deck, you have a lot of choice. There are many timber species, some sitting at the premium price end, others being more budget friendly.

  • Higher-end timber: A hardwood like Iroko, European Oak, Balau or Ipe (as well as hard-wearing softwoods like Siberian Larch) will usually set you back between £55–£60 per m² + VAT. These species offer impeccable outdoor performance with a stunning natural look.

  • Mid-range timber: A thermally-treated quality softwood like Thermo-Nordic Pine represents an excellent decking choice for those on more of a budget, costing around £32 per m² + VAT. These products combine excellent weather resistance with a tropical darker brown look, imparted on the wood as a result of the sustainable heat modification process.

  • Lower-end timber: Tanalised (pressure-treated) softwood decking costs approximately £25 per m² + VAT. Typically made of pine or spruce, this is the type of decking you can find at DIY and home improvement stores in the UK. Whilst not the strongest or most durable, they can still represent a viable, budget-friendly option.

  • Composite: If you’d prefer the low maintenance, high performance and on-trend colours afforded by a composite deck — which is a mixture of plastic and wood — then costs will be £40 per m² + VAT.

A typical domestic decking area is around 20m². For boards in a higher-end species like European Oak or Iroko, expect to pay around £1100 + VAT. In a quality mid-range species like Thermo-Nordic Pine, costs are around £640 + VAT. At the lower end, a tanalised softwood deck may run you as little as £300.

Note that the costs above are as of spring 2024 and don’t factor in VAT (20%) or installation costs.

Stuck for choice when it comes to species? Take a look at our guide to the best species for decking and what each looks like.

Measuring and sizing up your garden for decking

Measure the length and width, in metres, of the proposed area for your decking. For a rectangular deck, simply multiply these two dimensions together. This will give you the area in m².

Small Timber Decking Project Garden

Additional processes and finishing touches

You might like your decking to come pre-treated during manufacture, sealing it against destructive outdoor elements — those being moisture and UV. These treatments can also help the natural beauty of the wood to shine. Expect a typical UV protectant finish to add £25 per m².

Your decking could also come with anti-slip strips, which can add a small amount of cost onto the project price. Particularly unusual profiles or in-built deck lighting can also slightly add to costs — these are usually confirmed on enquiry.

Installation and other materials

If you’re hiring a contractor to install your decking, day rates are usually between £250–£350 depending on location and skill level. An average-sized 20m² rectangular deck may take two days to install, producing a cost in the region of £600.

A complex design or uneven surface may inflate labour costs. Those with the skills may prefer to DIY it in order to keep budgets down! Other costs include the decking frame, fixings and corner trims. Removal costs of an old deck can also be a hidden cost.

Timber Decking Installation
Timber Decking Lighting Atmosphere

Looking for a quick decking quote?

Our timber decking is available in a range of quality species imported from across the world.

Our products are all machined to profile on-site by us to your specification, with pre-finishing and staining available. We also stock composite decking — ideal for a low-maintenance, long-lasting and aesthetically-stunning finish.

After enquiring, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will provide an end-to-end, one-to-one service for your project. Simply get in touch using the button below.

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