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Timber Species:
European Green Oak

European Green Oak brings timeless traditionality to any cladding project, having been used in construction for thousands of years. Our European Greek Oak cladding is available in feather edge — a robust, versatile and ever-popular profile. Rebated for ease of fixing, this product is thicker than most others on the market to guard against cupping. Also known as fresh sawn oak, green oak’s name has nothing to do with its colour, instead referring to the fact that the wood hasn’t been kiln dried or treated with preservative. This wood is popularly used for oak-framed houses, feature trusses, porches, outbuildings as well as, of course, cladding. A naturally durable and distinctive traditional cladding choice for any project. European Green Oak is supplied wet cut straight from the log, delivering a time-honoured aesthetic. Compared to dried oak, green oak can be easier to work with, as well as providing cost savings.

Our European Green Oak Cladding Products

29-8 x 150mm (125mm Cover)

Featheredge Cladding DTC30

29-8 x 150mm (125mm Cover)

Green Oak Featheredge Cladding is a robust and traditional profile. Green Oak or Fresh Sawn Oak has been widely used in construction for hundreds of years and still thrives today. Our Green Oak Cladding is much thicker than rival products on the market to minimise cupping and is rebated for ease of fixing. A stylish, traditional and cost effective profile.