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European Oak Flat & Fluted Fingerjointed Decking DTD5

Profile Description

This is a unique profile developed by Duffield Timber, with a twin textured face, smooth on the edges and a fine fluted or ribbed centre to the board. This product is finger jointed so the full length is made up of smaller pieces that are machined and glued together, this produces a clear graded and stable product.

Key Features

20 x 130mm

Available Lengths


£7.75per linear metre
£57.40per square metre

prices shown exclude VAT

European Oak

Finger Jointed European Oak is a process where smaller pieces of timber are machined and glued together to create one long length. This is usually then goes on to be profiled into a decking or cladding board.

The key benefits of a Finger Jointed product is that the smaller pieces can be edited free from defects, it is available in longer more stable lengths and is a cheaper alternative to a solid plank.

DTD5 Eu FJ Oak Angle 3

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