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Thermo-Tulipwood Individual Wall Slats

Product Description

Add a touch of luxury to your interior with our thermally-treated Tulipwood wall slats.

The sustainable, chemical-free heat treatment process darkens the colour of the wood to an attractive chocolatey brown tone, mimicking the opulence of walnut and the exoticism of many tropical species — at a fraction of the cost.

Our wall slats are wider than the standard offered on the market; this gives you more natural wood, reduced fixing time and bigger coverage — perfect for a more cost-effective project. All of our timber is sustainably sourced and machined on-site by us.

Profile Information

  • 15mm x 45mm - 2mm rounds on 2 edges
  • 18.18 linear metres = 1m²

£7.35 + VAT2.450m
£9.00 + VAT3.000m

prices shown exclude VAT

Timber Species:

Tulipwood is native to the eastern United States. Initially boasting a greenish-yellow colour, the thermal modification process darkens the wood to provide a creamy, chocolatey darker brown with some pleasing variation in tone. A fabulous sustainable alternative to walnut.

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