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When it comes to transforming any outdoor space, don’t underestimate the incredible power of a well-designed, quality timber fence. These days, it’s more than a boundary — it can elevate your garden or outdoor environment, as well as being used for theming and zoning.

Discover information and expert insights on fencing styles, species and designs.

Fences for Windy Areas: Designs, Types, Styles & Examples

Living in a rather windy area or exposed area? Choosing a fencing style that’s designed to withstand the elements can save you money and hassle. Not only that, but when done stylishly, it can add value to your property.

Your Guide To Slatted Fencing: Planning Your Project

An increasingly popular option amongst garden designers, slatted fencing allows you to make a contemporary statement whilst maximising natural sunlight in your outdoor space.

Your Guide to Timber Fencing — Best Species, Trends, Types, Costs & Care Tips

Got a fencing project in mind? Explore our handy fencing guide to learn more about the best types of wood for the job, the hottest trends, styles, estimated project costs and more tips for a tip-top fence!

Garden Fencing Treatment, Maintenance & Restoration: Tips & Advice

Here’s all you need to know for keeping your fence looking the part — including treatment, maintenance and restoration tips.

Cedar or Larch Fencing? Plus Design Ideas & Inspiration!

If you’re looking to create that ideal enclosed space or define your property, these two often come top of the list. Their physical, technical and aesthetic attributes lend themselves perfectly to the job.