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When it comes to transforming any outdoor space, don’t underestimate the incredible power of a well-designed, quality timber fence. These days, it’s more than a boundary — it can elevate your garden or outdoor environment, as well as being used for theming and zoning.

Discover information and expert insights on fencing styles, species and designs.

Fencing For Small Gardens: Ideas, Inspiration & Design Considerations

Your perimeter has a particularly important role to play in lifting and framing your garden, particularly if your space is on the smaller side.

Your Guide To Slatted Fencing: Design Ideas & Inspiration

An increasingly popular option amongst stylish garden designers, slatted fencing (also known as Venetian fencing) allows you to make a contemporary statement whilst maximising natural sunlight in your outdoor space.

Western Red Cedar vs. Douglas Fir: Which Should You Choose?

Western red cedar and douglas fir are softwoods with native homes in the northwest coastal areas of North America.

Timber Garden Fencing Treatments & Maintenance: What You Need To Know

The value of a garden fence is so often overlooked. It adds curb appeal, style and, perhaps most importantly, privacy and security.

Your Guide to Factory-Coated Timber: Is It Right For My Project?

Forget the hassle, mess and time associated with finishing your wood — choose professionally-coated timber for your next project!

What Is the Difference Between Wood Thermal Modification and Pressure Treatment?

Wood is undeniably beautiful for cladding, decking or fencing, but it’s a natural material that can decay. When used outdoors, particularly in the UK, it’s asked to stand up to a punishing range of elements.

Water & Rot Resistant Timber Species: The Best Types to Choose & Finishes to Apply

Don’t let a little moisture dissuade you from timber. Wood can provide a beautiful, natural touch, even in places where water might be encountered.

Thermo-Ayous: A Beautiful, Durable, Exotic, On-trend Cladding & Fencing Species

Catch the eye with thermally-treated Ayous, one of the latest additions to our range of cladding and fencing species.

Your Guide to Iroko: Colour, Uses, Properties, Sustainability, Treatment & Costs

Often dubbed ‘African teak’ and even a timber ‘Rolls Royce’, Iroko is a truly special species, suitable for almost any project.

The Ultimate UK Fencing Guide — Types, Woods, Costs & Top Tips For Your Fence Project

Create the perfect perimeter for your property with our fencing guide. From the best timber species, styles, costs and other maintenance advice, plan every stage of your project.