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Timber Species:
Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Alaskan Yellow Cedar shares virtually all the characteristics of Western Red Cedar — it is a durable softwood with exceptional stability and resistance to decay. This natural resilience makes it ideal for exterior cladding and fencing projects.

Yellow Cedar has a distinctive, uniform pale yellow colour with a fine texture and straight grain. The species takes UV stains and oils well and, once finished with a tinted stain, can look similar to Western Red Cedar.

Our Alaskan Yellow Cedar Cladding Products

18 x 94mm (86mm Cover)

V Grooved Cladding DTC2

18 x 94mm (86mm Cover)

V-Grooved Cladding is the most popular choice of profile, both on small and large scale projects. When the easy fit tongue and grooves butt together they make a neat ‘V’ shape that creates a faint yet effective shadow line. A clean, uniform and contemporary profile.

18 x 94mm (78mm cover)

Vertical Shadow Gap Secret Nail Cladding DTC14

18 x 94mm (78mm cover)

Our DTC14 profile — Vertical Shadow Gap Secret Nail — is machined to have a square 10mm gap between each piece once installed on your property. This results in a smart linear shadow appearance, which changes throughout the day as a result of sunlight and outdoor lighting.

Adding to this profile’s designer credentials is its extended top half at the rear, concealing your stainless steel nails. The result is a modern, striking and clean profile free of any visible fixings. The smaller board size of DTC14 results in 78mm of cover.