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Siberian Larch Angle Bead DTC32

Profile Description

Angle Bead or Corner Trim is a great way to finish off edges to your cladding project.

Key Features

40 x 40mm Corner Trim

Available Lengths

3.000 & 4.000

£6.50per linear metre

prices shown exclude VAT

Also available in

Siberian Larch

Beauty, durability and stability — Siberian Larch is a premier softwood for exterior cladding.

Our range covers both horizontal and vertical cladding across V-groove, shadow gap, rainscreen and feather edge profiles. 

A straw to yellow brown timber with a characterful grain pattern, Siberian Larch is available in two grades — A (unsorted) and B (sawfalling)

Siberian Larch A consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade boards, with no nominated percentage of each included, but consistently tested to meet the recognised grade.

1st grade boards are virtually clear with sound pin knots; 2nd grade can contain 5–6 sound or dead knots up to the size of a 5 pence piece; 3rd grade boards can contain up to 10–12 mixed size knots up to 10p size, some of which can be dead or loose.

Siberian Larch

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