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We supply thermally-modified Ayous timber cladding for projects of all sizes. Sustainably sourced, imported and machined by us, our Ayous cladding is available in a range of designer profiles.

Cedar DTC15 2


A West and Central African timber, Ayous is an innovative, natural hardwood product that is non-toxic, highly durable, dimensionally stable and provides a clear grade, virtually knot free cladding board.

With similar attributes to Cedar, Thermo-Ayous has undergone a thermal modification process using high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve the durability of the timer as well as increase its dimensional stability.

Starting with a light yellow colour, Thermo-Ayous achieves natural, attractive mid-brown tones through a drying process that provides a finished product that looks exotic without hurting the environment, whilst meeting Class 1-2 durability class rating according to EU standards.