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Thermo-Tulipwood CAMBIA® Vertical Shadow Gap Secret Nail Cladding DTC14

Profile Description

Vertical Shadow Gap Cladding when fit together creates a square 10mm gap that results in a smart shadow line that changes throughout the day with natural sunlight

Available Lengths

2.15 - 3.050m

£5.45per linear metre
£69.90per square metre

prices shown exclude VAT

Product Features


North America


Clear 4 Sides


Rich chocolate brown and even grain pattern similar to walnut. Virtually knot free providing a unique and luxury look


Heat Treated (Thermo-D) International Thermowood Association (ITWA)


Thermo-Tulipwood will naturally silver within 8 -10 months


Class 2 BS EN 350 – 2


Exceptionally stable with minimal dimensional movement


Sustainably sourced from well managed forests


Stainless Steel Screws or Annular Ring Nails

Also available in

Thermo-Tulipwood CAMBIA®

This innovative, natural hardwood product is non-toxic, highly durable, dimensionally stable and provides a clear grade, virtually knot free sustainable cladding board.

CAMBIA® meets Class 1 durability class rating according to EU standards and through a thermal modification process uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve the durability of the wood as well as to increase its dimensional stability.

It achieves a deep, natural color in a special drying process that provides a rich finished product that looks exotic without hurting the environment.

Cambia DTC3

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