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Thermo-Nordic Pine Flat & Fluted Decking DTD2

Product Description

Also known as ThermoWood®, thermal modification of Scandinavian Pine produces a decking product with excellent dimensional stability and biological resistance, as well as an exotic darker brown colour.

Profile Description

DTD2 is a unique decking profile, developed by us. With a double-textured face — smooth on the edges and a fine fluted or ribbed centre to the board — once laid, it creates a modern stylish deck area but with an eye-catching pattern.

Key Features

20 x 142mm

Available Lengths

2.75m - 5.1m

£4.70per linear metre
£31.99per square metre

prices shown exclude VAT

Product Features






Prominent grain with an abundance of structurally sound live round and splay knots, some of which display cracks and chipped-off edges after machining


Heat-treated (Thermo-D) International ThermoWood Association (ITWA)


Thermo-Nordic Pine will naturally silver within 8–10 months


PEFC certified — sustainably sourced from well managed forests


Class 2 BS EN 350-2


Exceptionally stable with minimal dimensional movement


Stainless Steel Screws - Face Fix or Camo System for Edge Fix

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Thermo-Nordic Pine

Thermo-Nordic Pine, also known as ThermoWood®, is Scandinavian Pine that has been thermally treated with natural methods — heat and water vapour, rather than by use of chemicals.

When the temperature exceeds 200°C, the timber achieves a 'Thermo-D' standard which is patented and trademarked by the International ThermoWood Association (ITWA). 

Dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin free, this sustainable thermal modification improves the outdoor performance to create an incredibly resilient decking product.

Heat treatment also imparts a rich, darker brown colour that closely mimics tropical hardwoods. A beautiful, durable and eco-conscious cladding choice.

DTD1 Thermowood Angle 3

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