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Siberian Larch Fencing 18 x 45mm

Product Description

Planed all round profile with clean, sharp lines. When fixing, a 10mm gap is left between the pieces, creating a pleasing, smart linear shadow pattern.

This modern profile works perfectly with the versatile, eye-catching pale yellows, golden browns and grain pattern of Siberian Larch. Available in unsorted (A) grade and sawfalling (B) grade.

Compared to our 18 x 70mm style, this 18 x 45mm slatted profile provides less cover. This result is a greater number of slatted gaps, permitting more light and visual transparency. Your choice may depend on your application and design goals.

Profile Information

18 x 45mm (55mm cover with 10mm gap)

£2.75per linear metre

prices shown exclude VAT


  • 4.0m ONLY

Timber Species:
Siberian Larch A

Siberian Larch is the premier softwood when it comes to fencing. Its natural attributes make it ideal for external applications as its durable, stable and dense which provide excellent weatherproof performance.

Siberian Larch is slow grown and a light straw colour with a dynamic grain pattern and is available in two grades, Unsorted and Sawfalling but we describe our stock as A Grade and B Grade for ease.

A Grade allows for occasional small knots (up to 5p size) but many of the boards can be clear of defect.

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