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Looking to transform any outdoor space? Decking is a functional, durable and naturally beautiful solution.

Which timber species and style would work for your next project? Arm yourself with insights, inspiration, trends and tips for your next decking project.

Timber Garden Decking Ideas, Designs, Trends & Inspiration for 2024

A designer deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Level up yours with these top trends, styles, designs and ideas from our decking experts!

Choosing The Perfect Decking Colour: 6 Stylish Options

The colour of your decking is probably the most important design choice — you want to make the right call to complement your garden and property.

Composite Vs. Timber Decking Buyer’s Guide: Which Is Best for My Project?

Trying to make your mind up between a composite or solid timber deck? Our team of decking experts have put together this simple guide to deciding which will work best for your space and requirements!

Our Guide to Making Your Timber Decking Non-slip in Winter

The mulching of leaves in autumn, sub-zero temperatures through winter and those typical British summer rain showers can all reduce traction underfoot when you’re walking on your timber decking.

What Is the Difference Between Wood Thermal Modification and Pressure Treatment?

Wood is undeniably beautiful for cladding, decking or fencing, but it’s a natural material that can decay. When used outdoors, particularly in the UK, it’s asked to stand up to a punishing range of elements.

Water & Rot Resistant Timber Species: The Best Types to Choose & Finishes to Apply

Don’t let a little moisture dissuade you from timber. Wood can provide a beautiful, natural touch, even in places where water might be encountered.

Your Guide to Iroko: Colour, Uses, Properties, Sustainability, Treatment & Costs

Often dubbed ‘African teak’ and even a timber ‘Rolls Royce’, Iroko is a truly special species, suitable for almost any project.

Do You Need to Seek Planning Permission for Decking in the UK?

A quality timber deck can take your outdoor space to the next level. But do you need to seek planning permission from your local authority before starting your project?

The Complete Decking Guide: Timbers, Trends, Tips & Costs

Decking adds a beautiful touch and can enhance your garden in a variety of ways. Let’s talk through the best species, styles, costs, maintenance, as well as a few other helpful hints and tips.

Iroko Timber Decking: An Exotic, Design-led Choice

With eye-catching beauty and incredible natural properties, here’s why Iroko might just be the perfect timber species for your next decking project.