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Benefits of Choosing Timber Oak Framed Building Structures

When considering whether or not to use an oak timber frame for a building, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of choosing timber over a typical masonry approach.

The approach you choose will strongly depend on each individual project requirements and specifications, including foundations, budget, and deadlines.

If you find yourself in two minds on which approach to choose, consider the following:

Speed & Ease of Construction

Probably the biggest and best factor to consider for construction is the speed and ease of construction. Oak framed buildings certainly tick these boxes, with timber framed structures taking a matter of days to erect rather than the usual weeks when building with bricks and blocks.

Timber frame buildings have a relatively dry construction process, which can also be seen as extremely beneficial when working within tight time constraints. Electrical and plastering work can begin much sooner once the frame is watertight. Mortar and plaster require extended drying times on brick built properties, often delaying internal work by several weeks.

Our oak framed buildings have been manufactured with maximum accuracy to ensure the structure can be erected quickly and easily without complications.

Eco Friendly

We make every effort to ensure our timber originates from environmentally managed woodlands, ensuring our oak framed buildings offer a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to non-renewable resources.

Timber also absorbs CO2 emissions, something which we’re seeing an increasing amount of in the atmosphere due to increased industrial activities. The use of timber in construction helps to reduce the level of global warming, reducing CO2. As long as trees continue to be replanted once used for construction, there can also be an infinite supply of timber.

Natural Heat Insulation

Timber offers excellent heat installation due to being sealed in order to prevent moist air coming into contact with the interior of the construction. Oak framed buildings are also quicker to heat, as the timber itself doesn’t require ‘pre-heating’, unlike masonry built buildings.

Oak Framed Buildings at Duffield Timber

Duffield Timber’ solid oak framed structures come as a complete kit of parts, using only quality European fresh sawn oak.

We understand that precision is of the upmost importance, therefore our kits are CNC machined, mortise and tenon jointed, grooved and shaped with each component numbered for a more simple, time saving build.

We provide a number of oak framed buildings so suit your exact preferences, view our full range here.

For more information, contact our friendly customer service team today, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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