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All About Oak Porch Extensions: Designs, Kit Types, Treatments & Costs

The oak porch is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. Practical and naturally elegant, these structures can create a beautiful entrance space for properties of any size.

Oak porches succeed in beautifully blending the indoors and outdoors, as well as providing added value to your home — useful for storage, or even capable of being leisure spaces in their own right.

To maximise that all-important curb appeal — as well as achieve the practical functionality you desire — choose the right oak porch kit for your house.

Let’s take a look.

Oak porch designs and kit types

From large and enclosed to modest and open, oak porch kits can come in a number of sizes, shapes and designs.

An example of oak porch styles and designs.
From fully-enclosed to a mounted canopy, oak porches are available in a range of styles and designs.

Mounted oak porches — for modest charm on a smaller property

For a smaller but no-less-stylish design, consider a simple mounted oak porch structure. These can frame your entrance beautifully and convey that desired cottage-style charm without taking up much space at all, as well as providing a small amount of shelter.

Canopy-style oak porches — for a seamless, beautiful transition

For something slightly more elaborate, consider an open oak porchcanopy — popular styles include half post, full post and brick plinth.

These provide a beautiful, seamless transition from interior to exterior — and you simply can’t go wrong with the undeniable, universally-acclaimed golden brown hues of European Oak.

These porches can be half post, full post, or used in conjunction with brickwork; masonry can add a nice aesthetic break and contrast. The area inside is the perfect size for storage and represents a good ‘middle ground’ option when it comes to oak porches.

To achieve a more traditional, rustic feel, opt for an oak porch with curved braces to the front. For a sleeker, more modern look, a straighter design, possibly with glass sides, is very popular.

A canopy-style oak porch with a modern design.
A canopy-style oak porch with a modern design.

Enclosed oak porches — for the ultimate, grand entrance space

If you and your family could benefit from an extra area in which to store umbrellas, coats, shoes and any other outdoor paraphernalia, an enclosed oak porch is the option for your house.

These grander, foyer-style spaces can be glazed and are the perfect place to lace up and get the coat on — whatever the British weather has in store.

Timber is an excellent insulator, and these spaces can even keep the heat in on those colder days, as well as preventing thermal leakage from the main property.

An enclosed oak porch space.
An enclosed oak porch space.

When choosing your oak porch design, a lot will depend on the amount of space available around the entrance to your home, as well as the size of your home.

If you’re working with a limited amount of space on a smaller property, a mounted oak porch or small canopy-style porch will be more appropriate and can still add real value.

If you’re working on a larger home, a large, enclosed canopy with hand-carved detailing and wide oak beams might be desired.

A stylish canopy-style porch.
A stylish canopy-style porch.

Oak porch protection and maintenance

What kind of upkeep is required to keep your oak porch in tip-top condition? The answer — it’s down to personal preference on the appearance of the oak.

To retain their structural integrity, oak porches don’t strictly need any treatment. Species like European Oak are durable, highly-robust timbers with natural oils and resins that help them to withstand everything the unpredictable UK seasons have in store.

Having said that, exposure to sunlight can cause porch timber to weather to a silvery-grey in around a year. Many people enjoy the appearance of a nicely-weathered oak porch — it can add some rustic charm — but if you want to retain the original golden brown colour, consider a UV protective oil like Owatrol Textrol or Owatrol H4.

These protective oils can come in a variety of shades, so make sure to choose one that matches the colour of your oak — traditional (darker oaks), natural (lighter oaks) and clear.

Over time, sun and rain will cause this protective coating to break down, so consider re-coating every couple of years if you’re looking to preserve the oak’s natural colour. Depending on the level of exposure to the elements, this may need to be more frequent.

Beforehand, consider cleaning down the porch with some warm water and soap.

If you do allow your timber to weather, bear in mind that this is not a signal that the timber is rotting; it’s simply a natural colour change.

How long does an oak porch last for?

Oak is a classically durable and robust timber, famed for its remarkable outdoor performance. There’s no reason why an oak porch structure can’t last for decades upon decades — perhaps even hundreds of years.

In fact, it’s fair to say that oak porches get better with age, attaining a distinct ‘rustic’ beauty over time. They don’t call oak ‘timeless’ for nothing!

A well-weathered-but-still-sturdy rustic oak porch on an English cottage.
A well-weathered-but-still-sturdy rustic oak porch on an English cottage.

How much does an oak porch cost?

Depending on the type of porch you have in mind, prices obviously vary.

  • For a smaller, mounted canopy-style oak porch kit, expect to be set back in the region of £1,390 excluding VAT.
  • In the medium range, you’ve got plenty of stylish full post kit, coming in at £1,855. There's also a brick plinth porch, at the £1,925 price point.
  • For a larger oak porch kit — able to be fully glazed or enclosed, the ultimate entrance space — costs can run up to and over £5,995.

Prices are up to date as of January 2022 and exclude VAT and may be subject to change. For a more specific quote for your particular project, explore our full range and enquire with us today.

Duffield Timber: your place for oak porch kits in the UK

As well as stocking many timber products in a range of beautiful, durable species, we’re proud to offer a leading range of quality, durable oak-framed porch kits.

Our DIY oak porch kits are designed for speed and ease of construction, without compromising whatsoever on beauty and durability. They’re a complete kit of parts that seamlessly slot together, made of only the highest-quality European fresh sawn oak.

If you think your property would benefit from the undeniable allure of an oak canopy entrance,get in touch with our team today.

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