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Timber Cladding: Best Wood Species, Benefits, Profile Options & More Tips

You might be wondering what timber cladding is, and about its benefits. What are the various profile styles? With over 60 years’ experience when it comes to timber and timber products, allow us to guide you through the cladding basics!

Cedar or Larch Fencing? Plus Design Ideas & Inspiration!

If you’re looking to create that ideal enclosed space or define your property, these two often come top of the list. Their physical, technical and aesthetic attributes lend themselves perfectly to the job.

Best Types of Timber for Furniture: Six Woods You Should Choose for Interior DIY Projects

Are you looking to try your hand at an interior DIY furniture project? Creating your own chair, table, shelf, drawer, cabinet, desk or bed frame? You’ll probably be interested in learning which wood is going to be best for your project.

What Are the Best Species of Timber for Wood Carving?

What kind of wood is good for hand carving? That’s a fair question. The answer? Depending on your project, usually lime wood or oak. But, in truth, you’re spoiled for choice. With so many suitable timber species, deciding on the perfect one for your needs can be surprisingly difficult.

Western Red Cedar: The Best Finishes, Treatments and Stains and How to Maintain It

A classic timber choice. If you're after a gorgeous, natural finish to your interior or garden project, you can’t go far wrong with Western Red Cedar. Fashionable, durable and versatile, this species of timber is suitable for decking, fencing, cladding and more.

Timber Fencing — Best Fencing Species, 2019 Trends, Types, Costs, Installation & Care Tips

Everything we think you’ll need to know about timber fencing for your next project. We discuss the best species, the current trends, how to install your panels and posts, as well as some top-tips for keeping it in tip-top condition!

On-trend Timber: Oak-framed Porch Extensions - Benefits, Types, Treatment & Maintenance

Oak-framed porch extensions have boomed in popularity and are on-trend for 2019 and beyond. With a practical element, their natural elegance lends them towards many houses - and did you know that they can also add value to your property?

Best Types of Timber for Decking: Decking Guide, 2019 Trend Species & Tips

We’ll talk through the best timber species, tips for installing timber decking, how to protect and maintain it, and a few other helpful hints and tips. Learn everything there is to know about decking, right this way!

Biomass Wood Pellets FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

As the largest stockist of wood pellets in the North East, here’s our go-to guide - almost everything you’ll need to know about wood pellets to prepare for the winter, and where to get them!

The best types of timber for… my garden shed cladding

What’s the ideal type of wood for cladding your good ol’, sturdy, beautiful garden shed, we hear you ask? Luckily, we’ve pulled together a few of our top suggestions for types of timber that are more than up to the job.