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Buyer’s Guides

Buyer’s Guides

Any commercial or home improvement project needs careful planning and consideration — you’re bound to have plenty of questions and queries. Our team of timber experts are here to help.

From decking to cladding, from fencing to oak structures, we’ve pulled together our insights into a series of buyers’ guides to help you with planning, designing and costing your next project.

A Guide To Exterior Treatments, Stains And Oils For Oak

Oak is a trusted, time-honoured timber. This popular hardwood has been a construction material of choice for thousands of years.

Cladding vs. Rendering: Differences, Design Ideas & Costs

As two popular exterior finishes for homes across the UK, both cladding and rendering can add value and curb appeal to your property.

Garden Room & Garden Office Timber Cladding: Ideas, Inspiration & Options

Timber cladding offers a smart, modern and nature-inspired finish for garden rooms, helping them to slot seamlessly into their outdoor surroundings.

Rough Sawn vs. Planed Timber: The Differences (With Examples)

When buying timber, you may encounter terms like ‘sawn’, ‘rough sawn’, ‘planed’, ‘planed all round’ (PAR) and ‘planed square edge’ (PSE) — even ‘S1S’, ‘S2S’ and so on. What exactly do these mean and how does timber with these characteristics differ?

How Much Does Wood Decking Cost? A Project Price Breakdown

A timber deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment and functionality of your outdoor space, but unexpected costs when project planning can stop the party before it’s even started.

A Guide to Exotic African Hardwoods: Types, Species & Examples

Africa is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting hardwoods. What are some fine examples, why are they so special and what are they used for?

Fencing For Small Gardens: Ideas, Inspiration & Design Considerations

Your perimeter has a particularly important role to play in lifting and framing your garden, particularly if your space is on the smaller side.

Vertical or Horizontal Timber Cladding? (With Design Inspiration)

When you’re planning a new cladding project, you’ve got a few things to consider. The timber species, the profile — but also its orientation.

A Guide To The Best Cladding Colours for Your House

Colour — there aren’t many design choices that are quite as important, particularly if you’re cladding your home!

Wood Briquettes vs. Traditional Firewood: What's Better At Heating?

Wood briquettes and traditional firewood — what’s hot and what’s not? Our team has done the tests, and here are the results...