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What is the difference between timber, lumber and wood?

We often see and hear people asking about the precise differences between timber, lumber and wood. There are regional variations in usage of the terms, so it’s sometimes a source of contention. Let’s try and break it down for you!

Western Red Cedar: The Best Finishes, Treatments and Stains and How to Maintain It

A classic timber choice. If you're after a gorgeous, natural finish to your interior or garden project, you can’t go far wrong with Western Red Cedar. Fashionable, durable and versatile, this species of timber is suitable for decking, fencing, cladding and more.

Building With Timber to Optimise Acoustics: Gateshead Sage Concert Hall

How can timber be used to create an acoustically-perfect environment? For some clues, let’s take a look at one of the many impressive timber projects we’re delighted to have been involved with - the Sage One concert hall at the Gateshead Sage.

Biomass Wood Pellets FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

As the largest stockist of wood pellets in the North East, here’s our go-to guide - almost everything you’ll need to know about wood pellets to prepare for the winter, and where to get them!

Log Cabin Day - a Timber Treat

We’re particularly excited for Log Cabin Day on June 25th.

Duffield Celebrates Nature Photography Day

Nature Photography Day is an annual event, happening on the 15th June. Established by the North American Nature Photography Association in 1994, the mission behind this great day is to help make people aware of their photography and the fragility of the subjects of their work.

Duffield’s Drone Adventures

Promotion and advertising are an integral part of any business. Always keeping ahead of the trend, we know how important it is to frequently update our log of case studies and our new drone will help us to capture the ultimate eye-catching shots and clips to truly make our case studies shine.

The Duffield Team visit LIGNA 2017

Earlier this year, the Duffield Timber team flew out to Hannover to visit LIGNA 2017, a biannual wood machinery show exhibiting the world’s most up to date and technologically advanced machinery available on the market.

Shiplap vs. Tongue & Groove: Which Profile Is Best?

Two of the most popular types of cladding are shiplap and tongue & groove choosing between them can be a difficult task. Shiplap and tongue & groove refers to how the panels fit together. This can produce different properties in terms of strength, structural integrity and appearance.