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Timber Species:
European Oak

Finger Jointed European Oak is a process where smaller pieces of timber are machined and glued together to create one long length. This is usually then goes on to be profiled into a decking or cladding board. The key benefits of a Finger Jointed product is that the smaller pieces can be edited free from defects, it is available in longer more stable lengths and is a cheaper alternative to a solid plank.

Our European Oak Decking Products

20 x 130mm

Flat & Fluted Decking DTD5

20 x 130mm

This is a unique profile developed by Duffield Timber, with a double textured face, smooth on the edges and a fine Fluted or Ribbed centre to the board. This being a finger jointed board, the full length is made up of smaller pieces that are machined and glued together which produces a high grade piece at an attractive price. Once laid it creates a modern stylish deck area but with a pattern that catches the eye.