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Architectural Mouldings: Making A House A Home

Architectural mouldings such as skirting and architrave add the all-important finishing touches to every home interior. They’re a cost effective solution for adding a fresh feel to any room, whilst choosing the correct profile can correspond with any traditional or modern style.

There are generally 2 occasions where architectural mouldings will be required:

Building/Room Renovations

As an essential part of any interior renovation, architectural mouldings, once installed and finished, turn a house into a home. Available in a variety of profiles, wooden architrave can provide added personality to a room, e.g. an ogee or torus curved profile can add a very traditional feel, whilst a straighter profile such as pencil round or chamfer creates a modern, chic appearance.

Coordinating skirting board in the same profile adds continuity - it’s a great way of adding personality around your home at an inexpensive price.

One Off Replacements

During years of minor wear and tear, architrave and skirting in particular can look chipped and scuffed. Although this is often rectified by a quick lick of gloss paint, heavy wear can quickly cheapen your interior.

Replacement architectural mouldings can rectify this quickly and easily, they’re inexpensive and offer great variety for every requirement, making a surprisingly big difference to any interior.

We stock a wide range of architectural mouldings to ensure that you can easily replace any existing architrave, skirting or handrails. Available in both oak and paint grade timbers, mouldings are sold both online and in our showroom.

Buy online today and enjoy great prices and fast delivery. Alternatively, visit our showroom for equally great prices, where our friendly customer service team will be on hand to help.

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