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Choosing Your Perfect Architrave Profile

If you’ve invested heavily in the transformation of a room (or multiple rooms) the last thing you want to do is fall at the last hurdle and forgot those all-important finishing touches. Make the most of your efforts with our range of architrave profiles.

We can offer a range of options to suit your scheme, whether you’ve opted for a contemporary feel or something more classic and traditional. Whatever your room looks like, there is a high-quality architrave at Duffield which will enhance it, or simply quietly complement it.

How do you choose your architrave?

Firstly, look at the room in question. Are you opting for clean lines, bright colours, bold patterns? If so, you might want to consider the simpler, yet equally effective options below.

Suggestions for modern schemes:

Pencil Round

This is the simplest there is but that doesn’t mean it lacks clout. It adds a perfect finishing touch when you want a strong line minus the fuss.


This has a little more edge, literally. Chamfer is perfect for a slightly more defined edge but without the lumps and bumps or more traditional or ‘classic’ architrave.

If you’re going for something more traditional, or seeking to tie in with existing products you have, it will probably be one of the options below:


This is an elegant, more traditional option which is popular for bringing new rooms or those that have been recently transformed in line with others in the home.


Another more classic offering, customers love Torus for its elegant curves; it’s certainly a classy way to complete your look.

Which way you go is up to you…there are a few considerations before you commit. We have listed some below to help you make your decision.

Remember to take into account other touches. Does it complement other wood products, shapes and patterns you’ve chosen?

Have you considered the use of the room? More complex profiles are easier to knock and damage in high traffic areas of the home, or where hoovers may be used more frequently.

Factor in areas such as hallways which flow into other spaces…can you see other profiles? Do you want them to complement each other?

Of course, if you’re not sure what works best, or what you want, you can always get in touch and speak to one of our team, we would be happy to offer some advice.

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