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Wood Fuels

Wood Fuels

As a leading manufacturer and retailer of wood fuels, we've put together a collection of insights that might help you with your next purchase.

Wood Briquettes vs. Traditional Firewood: What's Better At Heating?

Wood briquettes and traditional firewood — what’s hot and what’s not? Our team has done the tests, and here are the results...

Wood Briquettes vs. Traditional Logs: A Definitive Price Breakdown

We often hear people ask whether wood briquettes are more cost effective than traditional logs.

Wood Briquettes Storage & Usage: A Quick Guide

Briquettes are a supreme biomass wood fuel choice. They offer a clean, hot and long-lasting burn — a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood. But with this excellent performance comes one possible drawback: they need careful storage.

Wood Fuels Guide: Biomass Pellets, Briquettes & Logs Compared

For their sustainability, clean burn, cost effectiveness and convenience, wood fuels have soared in popularity recently — both for households and businesses!