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Buyer’s Guides

Any commercial or home improvement project needs careful planning and consideration — you’re bound to have plenty of questions and queries. Our team of timber experts are here to help.

From decking to cladding, from fencing to oak structures, we’ve pulled together our insights into a series of buyers’ guides to help you with planning, designing and costing your next project.

Fencing For Small Gardens: Ideas, Inspiration & Design Considerations

Your perimeter has a particularly important role to play in lifting and framing your garden, particularly if your space is on the smaller side.

Vertical or Horizontal Timber Cladding? (With Design Inspiration)

When you’re planning a new cladding project, you’ve got a few things to consider. The timber species, the profile — but also its orientation.

A Guide To The Best Cladding Colours for Your House

Colour — there aren’t many design choices that are quite as important, particularly if you’re cladding your home!

Wood Briquettes vs. Traditional Firewood: What's Better At Heating?

Wood briquettes and traditional firewood — what’s hot and what’s not? Our team has done the tests, and here are the results...

PEFC vs. FSC: How Do These Wood Certification Schemes Differ?

Ensuring products are of sustainable origin is a huge concern for those in the timber supply chain.

A Guide To Timber Cladding Treatments & Maintenance

To maximise the beauty and lifespan of your timber cladding project, don’t miss our expert lowdown on treatment options and maintenance.

Timber Cladding Types: A Guide To The Best Species & Profiles

From the modest garden shed to ostentatious feats of architecture, cladding is at home on almost any type of building. It’s a timelessly popular way of creating a beautiful, natural exterior finish.

Timber Garden Decking Ideas, Designs, Trends & Inspiration for 2024

A designer deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Level up yours with these top trends, styles, designs and ideas from our decking experts!

Choosing The Perfect Decking Colour: 6 Stylish Options

The colour of your decking is probably the most important design choice — you want to make the right call to complement your garden and property.

Wood Briquettes vs. Traditional Logs: A Definitive Price Breakdown

We often hear people ask whether wood briquettes are more cost effective than traditional logs.