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Buyer’s Guides

Any commercial or home improvement project needs careful planning and consideration — you’re bound to have plenty of questions and queries. Our team of timber experts are here to help.

From decking to cladding, from fencing to oak structures, we’ve pulled together our insights into a series of buyers’ guides to help you with planning, designing and costing your next project.

Western Red Cedar vs. Douglas Fir: Which Should You Choose?

Western red cedar and douglas fir are softwoods with native homes in the northwest coastal areas of North America.

Timber Garden Fencing Treatments & Maintenance: What You Need To Know

The value of a garden fence is so often overlooked. It adds curb appeal, style and, perhaps most importantly, privacy and security.

Siberian Larch Vs. Western Red Cedar Cladding: Which Is Best for My Project?

When it comes to cladding, cedar and larch are two timber big boys.

Siberian Larch Guide: Appearance, Durability, Facts & Cost

For cladding, decking, fencing and joinery projects, Siberian Larch is a sought-after timber species.

Composite Vs. Timber Decking Buyer’s Guide: Which Is Best for My Project?

Trying to make your mind up between a composite or solid timber deck? Our team of decking experts have put together this simple guide to deciding which will work best for your space and requirements!

European Oak & American White Oak: How They Differ

They share part of their name, but how do these two beautiful, time-honoured timbers actually compare? Our team of experts are breaking down the differences between European and American white oak.

Wooden Slat Wall Panel Buyer’s Guide: Best Woods & Ideas

As interior designers seek to create smart, nature-inspired spaces, internal wood slats have become a hugely popular design feature.

Wood Fuels Guide: Biomass Pellets, Briquettes & Logs Compared

For their sustainability, clean burn, cost effectiveness and convenience, wood fuels have soared in popularity recently — both for households and businesses!

Garden Decking Trends, Designs, Ideas, Photos and Inspiration for 2023

A designer deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment of your outdoor space, but also to the value of your property. Level up your decking with these top trends, styles, designs and ideas from our experts!

What Is the Difference Between Wood Thermal Modification and Pressure Treatment?

Wood is undeniably beautiful for cladding, decking or fencing, but it’s a natural material that can decay. When used outdoors, particularly in the UK, it’s asked to stand up to a punishing range of elements.