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Buyer’s Guides

Any commercial or home improvement project needs careful planning and consideration — you’re bound to have plenty of questions and queries. Our team of timber experts are here to help.

From decking to cladding, from fencing to oak structures, we’ve pulled together our insights into a series of buyers’ guides to help you with planning, designing and costing your next project.

The Best Alternatives to Siberian Larch For Outdoor Use

Siberian Larch is a fantastic exterior timber. But given trade restrictions with Russia — from where the species is imported — stocks are beginning to deplete.

The Best Timber For Outdoor Use: Garden Furniture, Benches, Tables & More

Looking to add a touch of natural beauty? As a building material that slots seamlessly into almost any outdoor space, timber’s just the ticket — but no ordinary wood will do.

Your Guide to Western Red Cedar: The Species, Qualities & Uses

Western Red Cedar is one of the most popularly-specified timbers. It’s no surprise why.

Western Red Cedar Substitutes: Which Woods Work Just As Well?

With its alluring reddish-brown colour, excellent natural durability and sweet scent, Western Red Cedar is often the go-to timber for any outdoor project. But, if you’re after something slightly different, there’s plenty of other woods that step up to the job superbly!

Your Guide To Dark Wood: Types, Uses, Design Tips & Inspiration

Bring style, richness and modernism to your next interior project. Welcome to the dark side — here’s everything you need to know about dark wood.

Iroko vs. Oak: A Quick Hardwood Guide

Two stunning, high-performance hardwoods, both iroko and oak are a fine choice for almost any timber project. But what separates them? Let’s take a look.

Oak vs. Walnut: Appearance, Properties & Costs

Beautiful and alluring, these two timeless timbers have many similarities and differences. Let’s compare them — which is the best choice for your project?

LIGNIA® Timber: All About This Sustainable, Modified Wood

LIGNIA® is a new wood on the block — but it’s already making a big impact with its environmental credentials, beauty, durability and suitability for a wide range of timber projects.

Western Red Cedar: The Best Finishes, Treatments and Stains & How to Maintain It

Cedar is a gorgeous, dynamic and ever-popular choice for cladding, fencing and decking projects. Here’s all you need to know about treatment, finishing and maintenance for this sought-after timber.

Your Guide to Siberian Larch: Facts, Properties, Durability & Uses

Need a wood that stands up to the elements? Say no more, we've got the answer...