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Cladding can add extraordinary value and style to any commercial or home improvement project — a natural, durable and decorative touch.

Cladding is available in a range of timber species, profiles and designs. For a project that stands out, discover our expert insights, trends and tips.

Western Red Cedar vs. Douglas Fir: Which Should You Choose?

Western red cedar and douglas fir are softwoods with native homes in the northwest coastal areas of North America.

Siberian Larch Vs. Western Red Cedar Cladding: Which Is Best for My Project?

When it comes to cladding, cedar and larch are two timber big boys.

The Best Treatments For Siberian Larch Wood Cladding, Decking & Fencing

Keep your Siberian Larch performing at its very best for as long as possible by choosing one of these treatment options.

How Sustainable Is Timber Cladding as a Building Material?

For self-builders, DIYers, architects and designers, making the ‘right’ choice for the planet when planning your project has never been so important. People buy into sustainable brands.

Your Guide to Factory-Coated Timber: Is It Right For My Project?

Forget the hassle, mess and time associated with finishing your wood — choose professionally-coated timber for your next project!

Modern Timber Cladding Ideas & On-trend Designs for Your House & Garden in 2023

Wanting to add value and kerb appeal to your property? Timber cladding is just the ticket, effortlessly imparting a natural, sustainable, stunning finish.

What Is the Difference Between Wood Thermal Modification and Pressure Treatment?

Wood is undeniably beautiful for cladding, decking or fencing, but it’s a natural material that can decay. When used outdoors, particularly in the UK, it’s asked to stand up to a punishing range of elements.

The Ultimate Guide to Timber Rainscreen Cladding: Planning Your Project

Rainscreen cladding — also known as splayed or rhombus cladding — provides a decorative, contemporary touch, but it’s quite different to other popular cladding profiles.

Pricing up Your Project: How Much Timber Cladding Do I Need?

If you’re in the planning stages of your cladding project — perhaps for a shed, house or garden room — you’ll probably have a budget in mind.

Water & Rot Resistant Timber Species: The Best Types to Choose & Finishes to Apply

Don’t let a little moisture dissuade you from timber. Wood can provide a beautiful, natural touch, even in places where water might be encountered.