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Cladding can add extraordinary value and style to any commercial or home improvement project — a natural, durable and decorative touch.

Cladding is available in a range of timber species, profiles and designs. For a project that stands out, discover our expert insights, trends and tips.

Garden Room & Garden Office Timber Cladding: Ideas, Inspiration & Options

Timber cladding offers a smart, modern and nature-inspired finish for garden rooms, helping them to slot seamlessly into their outdoor surroundings.

Vertical or Horizontal Timber Cladding? (With Design Inspiration)

When you’re planning a new cladding project, you’ve got a few things to consider. The timber species, the profile — but also its orientation.

A Guide To The Best Cladding Colours for Your House

Colour — there aren’t many design choices that are quite as important, particularly if you’re cladding your home!

Why Choose Black Timber Cladding For Your House Or Garden Room?

Daring to go dark? Black timber cladding can provide a bold, eye-catching finish to the exterior of your property.

Timber Cladding Types: A Guide To The Best Species & Profiles

From the modest garden shed to ostentatious feats of architecture, cladding is at home on almost any type of building. It’s a timelessly popular way of creating a beautiful, natural exterior finish.

Timber Cladding Ideas & Trending Designs for Your House & Garden

For adding value and kerb appeal to your property, timber cladding is just the ticket.

Western Red Cedar vs. Douglas Fir: Which Should You Choose?

Western red cedar and douglas fir are softwoods with native homes in the northwest coastal areas of North America.

Siberian Larch Vs. Western Red Cedar Cladding: Which Is Best for My Project?

When it comes to cladding, cedar and larch are two timber big boys.

The Best Treatments For Siberian Larch Wood Cladding, Decking & Fencing

Keep your Siberian Larch performing at its very best for as long as possible by choosing one of these treatment options.

How Sustainable Is Timber Cladding as a Building Material?

For self-builders, DIYers, architects and designers, making the ‘right’ choice for the planet when planning your project has never been so important. People buy into sustainable brands.