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Solar Panels

We're on course to realise our 2022–23 energy goals!

We're on course to realise our 2022–23 energy goals!

From solar power to low carbon wood fuel alternatives, we're putting the planet first with some exciting, ambitious eco-friendly initiatives.

Many thanks to Steve, our host and guide at Drax Power this week, for giving Duncan Lees, Joe Duffield and Howard Duffield a VIP tour of the UK's largest renewable power station. The enormity of the place was something to behold!

Here at Duffield, on rather smaller (but no less ambitious!) scale, we're putting some exciting renewable energy processes in place ourselves. This week, we will be fully online with our 500kWh solar power generation.

Not only that, but our briquetting factory is flat out producing our pre-packed Lava Logs ahead of the inevitable cool down once summer subsides!

So, we're proud to say that we're truly on track for massive 'off grid' power savings, bringing significant low carbon alternatives into the wood fuel market.

On a good day, we save up to two tonnes of CO2 emissions — the equivalent to the carbon sequestering you get from planting around 120 trees.

For more information about our environmental commitments — which includes, of course, our sustainable approach as a timber merchant — head over to our info and downloads section.

You can also reach out to our team through our contact page.

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