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DIY & Crafter

DIY & Crafter

Woodworking is one of the oldest, most enjoyable and most rewarding hobbies known to man.

So, are you just starting out with your first piece of lime wood, or are you perhaps a seasoned woodworker in search of the best species for your latest furniture project?

Whether it’s an intricate hand piece or a garden bench, grab your wood chisel and hand plane and explore our collection of insights and articles for DIYers, woodworkers and carvers.

Rough Sawn vs. Planed Timber: The Differences (With Examples)

When buying timber, you may encounter terms like ‘sawn’, ‘rough sawn’, ‘planed’, ‘planed all round’ (PAR) and ‘planed square edge’ (PSE) — even ‘S1S’, ‘S2S’ and so on. What exactly do these mean and how does timber with these characteristics differ?

From Forest To Finish: How Is Wood Manufactured and Processed?

Starting as a felled tree, your wood goes on quite a journey before arriving as a finished product. Allow our team of timber experts to explain the entire process!

Yew Wood: A Tale of History, Beauty, and Secrets

Have you ever pondered how a type of wood could shape history, offer breathtaking beauty, and conceal powerful secrets? Well, in the world of woodworking, there's a remarkable wood species that does just that – the yew tree, Taxus baccata.

The Best Types of Timber for Your Wood Shelving Project

Discover the perfect timber for a beautiful, durable and long-lasting shelf, whatever your interior style or vision!

Your Guide to Some of the World’s Most Beautiful, Best-looking & Luxury Timber Species

There’s no shortage of dazzling, eye-catching and jaw-dropping wood species. Let’s take a look at a few of our favourites!

DIY: Creative Wooden Christmas Decorations and Gifts Inspiration

Winter has descended and soon we'll be decking out our halls and homes to call in the festive season. Making your own wooden decorations and gifts is as traditional as it gets, so here's a handy guide with tips and inspiration on creating handmade items for your home and family this Christmas!

DIY: Creative Wooden Halloween Decorations Inspiration

Halloween is the perfect excuse to have fun, but those expensive decorations quickly add up, and with the drive towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future, why not dump the tacky plastics for unique, hand-made wooden creations that will last a lifetime... maybe even an after-lifetime!

What Are the Best Species of Timber for Wood Carving?

Wood carving is one of the oldest hobbies we have, yet one of the most rewarding. There’s nothing quite like creating your own unique masterpiece — but what types of wood are the best for the job?