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Timber Trends

Although wood is one of the oldest, most reliable building materials that humans know, it’s also one of the most cutting edge, able to provide an emphatic design-led impact on your next project.

Discover our expert insights on the latest timber trends, developments, products and styles.

Thermo-Ayous: A Beautiful, Durable, Exotic, On-trend Cladding & Fencing Species

Catch the eye with thermally-treated Ayous, one of the latest additions to our range of cladding and fencing species.

Your Guide to Iroko: Colour, Uses, Properties, Sustainability, Treatment & Costs

Often dubbed ‘African teak’ and even a timber ‘Rolls Royce’, Iroko is a truly special species, suitable for almost any project.

Your Guide to Some of the World’s Most Beautiful, Best-looking & Luxury Timber Species

There’s no shortage of dazzling, eye-catching and jaw-dropping wood species. Let’s take a look at a few of our favourites!

Timber Trend: Rustic, ‘Weathered’, ‘Old Look’ Grey Timber Cladding

It turns out George Clooney isn’t the only silver fox that has got people swooning — introducing, grey timber cladding.

10 Garden Trends, Ideas & Features To Look Out For This Year

When the weather becomes slightly warmer, attention naturally turns to our gardens. Take a look at our top design tips and trends for levelling up your outdoor space…

Timber Cladding Ideas, Styles, Designs & Trends for Architect & Designers in 2022

Timber cladding has a unique, transformative power — a stunning, natural finish for any property. Explore our eight ideas and add value to your project with a stylish, eye-catching cladding design.

Your Definitive Guide To Wood Grain: Types, Patterns, Textures & Terminology

Perhaps its most attractive feature, the grain is what gives wood its distinctive character. Every piece of timber boasts its own unique pattern and texture.

​​Hardwood vs. Softwood: What Are The Differences?

Different projects require different types of timber, and most of us will have encountered the terms ‘hardwood’ and ‘softwood’.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Timber Cladding: Which Is Best For My Project?

When you’re planning a new cladding project, you’ve got a few things to consider. The timber species, the profile — but also its orientation.

Your Guide to Pale Woods: Types, Uses & Interior Design Tips

They say blondes have more fun — and creamy-coloured timber is attracting a growing number of fans. It’s not hard to see why.