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Timber Trends

Timber Trends

Although wood is one of the oldest, most reliable building materials that humans know, it’s also one of the most cutting edge, able to provide an emphatic design-led impact on your next project.

Discover our expert insights on the latest timber trends, developments, products and styles.

A Guide to Exotic African Hardwoods: Types, Species & Examples

Africa is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting hardwoods. What are some fine examples, why are they so special and what are they used for?

Vertical or Horizontal Timber Cladding? (With Design Inspiration)

When you’re planning a new cladding project, you’ve got a few things to consider. The timber species, the profile — but also its orientation.

Why Choose Black Timber Cladding For Your House Or Garden Room?

Daring to go dark? Black timber cladding can provide a bold, eye-catching finish to the exterior of your property.

From Forest To Finish: How Is Wood Manufactured and Processed?

Starting as a felled tree, your wood goes on quite a journey before arriving as a finished product. Allow our team of timber experts to explain the entire process!

Timber Garden Decking Ideas, Designs, Trends & Inspiration for 2024

A designer deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Level up yours with these top trends, styles, designs and ideas from our decking experts!

Yew Wood: A Tale of History, Beauty, and Secrets

Have you ever pondered how a type of wood could shape history, offer breathtaking beauty, and conceal powerful secrets? Well, in the world of woodworking, there's a remarkable wood species that does just that – the yew tree, Taxus baccata.

Timber Cladding Ideas & Trending Designs for Your House & Garden

For adding value and kerb appeal to your property, timber cladding is just the ticket.

Your Guide to Factory-Coated Timber: Is It Right For My Project?

Forget the hassle, mess and time associated with finishing your wood — choose professionally-coated timber for your next project!

Wooden Wall Slats: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

As interior designers seek to create smart, nature-inspired spaces, internal wood slats have become a hugely popular design feature.

The Ultimate Guide to Timber Rainscreen Cladding: Planning Your Project

Rainscreen cladding — also known as splayed or rhombus cladding — provides a decorative, contemporary touch, but it’s quite different to other popular cladding profiles.