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Timber Fencing — Best Fencing Species, 2019 Trends, Types, Costs, Installation & Care Tips

Everything we think you’ll need to know about timber fencing for your next project. We discuss the best species, the current trends, how to install your panels and posts, as well as some top-tips for keeping it in tip-top condition!

On-trend Timber: Oak-framed Porch Extensions - Benefits, Types, Treatment & Maintenance

Oak-framed porch extensions have boomed in popularity and are on-trend for 2019 and beyond. With a practical element, their natural elegance lends them towards many houses - and did you know that they can also add value to your property?

Building With Timber to Optimise Acoustics: Gateshead Sage Concert Hall

How can timber be used to create an acoustically-perfect environment? For some clues, let’s take a look at one of the many impressive timber projects we’re delighted to have been involved with - the Sage One concert hall at the Gateshead Sage.

Best Types of Timber for Decking: Decking Guide, 2019 Trend Species & Tips

We’ll talk through the best timber species, tips for installing timber decking, how to protect and maintain it, and a few other helpful hints and tips. Learn everything there is to know about decking, right this way!

We’re a Decking Hero Top Recommended Timber Merchant!

We’re listed as a top timber merchant on Decking Hero’s list of timber merchants in the Yorkshire area.

The best types of wood for… DIY garden furniture projects

If you’re looking to crack on with building that garden table, chair set or perhaps a regular bench, make sure to consider one of these timber species we’ve picked out - as well as our top tips!

Biomass Wood Pellets FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

As the largest stockist of wood pellets in the North East, here’s our go-to guide - almost everything you’ll need to know about wood pellets to prepare for the winter, and where to get them!

The best types of timber for… my garden shed cladding

What’s the ideal type of wood for cladding your good ol’, sturdy, beautiful garden shed, we hear you ask? Luckily, we’ve pulled together a few of our top suggestions for types of timber that are more than up to the job.

Solid Hardwood Vs. Engineered Flooring: Which Is the Right Choice for Me?

If you’re looking to choose the right timber for your flooring project, chances are you’ll be choosing between solid hardwood flooring and engineered flooring. So how will you decide which timber type is right for you? Hopefully, our quick and easy guide will help.

And they’re off… Celebrating our 60th at Ripon Races

On the 19th August, our team celebrated Duffield’s 60th year anniversary at Ripon Racecourse for the annual William Hill Great St. Wilfrid race day.