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What Is the Best Type of Timber for Garden Shed Cladding?

What’s the ideal type of wood for cladding your good ol’ garden shed, we hear you ask? Luckily, we’ve pulled together the top timbers that are more than up to the job — as well as some advice on the best cladding profile.

A garden shed needs to be able to withstand Britain’s cold, drizzly weather — so choosing the right species and profile for your shed’s cladding is essential. These three types of cladding should help you out with that garden shed you’re looking to crack on with...

1. European Oak

Sample of European Oak cladding.

European Oak is a timeless, reliable and truly versatile timber species. A beautiful, stable hardwood, European Oak is available in a wide range of sizes, making it suitable for almost any interior and exterior project.

With superb natural rot resistance, European Oak is a go-to timber for a high quality posh shed that needs to bear the brunt of adverse weather!

Not only does it perform fantastically as a cladding, but European Oak also looks the part. Its yellow-brown colour and distinctive straight grain also makes it an attractive, aesthetically pleasing timber which also stains and takes finishes well.

Be careful during installation, however — oak reacts with iron, so stainless steel nails or screws are a must!

2. Western Red Cedar

Sample of Western Red Cedar cladding.

Catching the eye of many architects, designers and home improvers, Western Red Cedar is a beautiful choice for any cladding project.

As the name may suggest, this timber is a reddish-pink brown with a darker red streak — which makes it part of the timber elite when it comes to attractiveness.

Along with its good looks, the species has fantastic physical properties, is super stable, durable, light and has an extremely impressive, natural rot resistance — which also means it doesn’t need treating and can weather naturally.

Again, be careful during installation. Cedar leeches black stain with certain metals so stainless steel nails or screws are essential.

3. Siberian Larch

Sample of Siberian Larch cladding.

Siberian Larch is another type of timber cladding that ticks the right boxes for a garden shed project — attractive and strong.

With the unsorted grade having few knots, a straight grain and coming in a variety of beautiful shades from yellow to reddish-brown, Siberian Larch is a strong choice for that garden storage area or hideaway with a natural look.

Siberian Larch grows extremely slowly and is high in resin, making it extremely dense for a softwood — 575kg/mᵌ. This means the wood is highly, robust.

Taking stains and finishes very well, Siberian Larch or can be left to weather naturally with a 50 year+ service life!

Our Siberian Larch timber is sorted into Grade A (Unsorted I-III) and Grade B (Sawfalling I-V). Grade A allows for infrequent, smaller knots, whereas Grade B has more knots per plank — but both perform excellently for garden shed cladding.

4. Thermowood

Sample of Thermowood cladding.

If you’re on a slight budget but still want a high-performance, good looking timber for your shed cladding, don’t discount Thermowood.

Decay resistant and stable, Thermowood is modified with a treatment of heat and steam; this gives the timber impeccable physical properties suited to any exterior cladding project.

What cladding profile should I use for a garden shed?

Just as important as the type of timber you choose is the profile it has — this dictates how the cladding fits together; different profiles are better suited to different applications.

Shiplap cladding is synonymous with garden sheds. It’s designed to be fit horizontally and has a smooth curve to its shape to help with rainwater run off.

There are many other types of suitable cladding profiles, though — these include Featheredge, Tongue & V- Groove, and shadow Gap.

Modern garden shed.

Looking to start a garden shed project?

At Duffield Timber, we’re a leading UK cladding specialist, stocking a wide range of top-quality cladding in all the finest species. Explore our cladding product range, including species, profiles and more options on our website.

If you’re ready to start a project, our friendly team of timber experts would be delighted to have a chat about your timber requirements.

And if you’re nearby, why not pay a visit to our Woodworking Centre and cast your eyes over our enviable selection of wood? Go on, you know you want to… we’re just off the A1 near Ripon, in Melmerby, North Yorkshire.

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